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How to use Rio Keratin Organic Bamboo Treatment 
Wash the hair with Rio Keratin Bamboo Deep cleaning shampoo cuticle dilator 2-3 times. 
Before the last rinse, wait 5-10 minutes.  
Rinse the hair, removing completely the product. 

Blow-dry the hair 70% to 80% and untangle it with a comb.
Separate hair in 4 sections, tying each section to facilitate the application of Step 2, Rio Keratin Organic Bamboo Treatment.
To minimize waste and for better absorption, we suggest the application of our Rio Keratin Organic Bamboo Lotion, by hand.

Then apply Rio Keratin Bamboo throughout the hair into thin strands, starting from the neck and 1 cm away from the root. When a portion of the hair is wet enough with our Rio Keratin Bamboo Lotion, spread it more evenly with a fine-toothed comb.  

Then rinse the hair, removing excess water with a towel. 

NOTE: When applying keratin make sure to start approximately 1.5 inches from the scalp. The reason for this is that hair roots are already healthy and do not require treatment; also, as heat must be applied wherever the keratin treatment is applied, it is best to avoid contact with the scalp in order to prevent heat damage on the scalp .
When the entire hair has received the Rio Keratin Bamboo Treatment Lotion (Step 2) let it sit for 30 minutes; For coarse hair, please leave in for 50 minutes. 
1 - If hair is naturally straight, just blow dry it to about 90%, without the use of a brush. Not using a brush during the drying process decreases the output of vapor, as evaporation of water contents occurs more naturally without brushing. When the hair is about 90% dry, then just brush it well to prepare for the sealing process.

2- If hair is curly, blow dry it to about 50%, then split it in four sections again to facilitate the brushing process. Then blow dry it while brushing it thoroughly.
After the hair is thoroughly dried, split it in two or four sections, as you prefer, to facilitate the sealing process. 

The sealing process is accomplished by applying heat of a straightening iron. We recommend the use of a professional ceramic iron for better results, at a temperature of 230 degrees Celsius (450 degrees Fahrenheit) 

Procedure: Iron the hair from 6 to 8 times. If ironing it 6 times, iron the first 3 times from the roots to the middle, and then another 3 times from the roots to the tips; and 4 times each if ironing it 8 times. Such a procedure will prevent over drying the tips. 

The treatment is finished when this procedure is done on the entire hair. After the treatment, then apply Rio-Keratin Argan Oil Serum for added shine, UV protection, and a delicious fragrance
With this new innovative Organic Formaldehyde Free Keratin, the hair can be washed right after receving the treatment. When washing the same day or even 1, 2, or 3 days later, lightly wash with our Salt and Sulfate-free Shampoo. 
We highly recommend the use of our especially formulated after-care line of salt- and sulfate-free shampoo, post-treatment keratin complex (conditioner), and serum for regular home use to prolong the effects of the treatment.

After applying Step 2, apply Step 3, Rio Keratin Thermal Sealant Spray 
and leave it in for 10 minutes. 
Then rinse with water and finish by blow drying and flat ironing hair.
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